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Brett Tillou | A Doctor Who Cares

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Any pet owner knows how easy it is for pets to become entrenched as beloved members of the family.  Unfortunately, even though we dread it and try not to think about it, there will come a day when our pets are no longer with us.  At the Tillou veterinary hospital we understand how difficult this time can be for you and your family. This is why Dr. Tillou always tries to reach out during times of grief.

The Tillou Veterinary Hospital strives to treat your pets as if they were our own.  Brett Tillou is the third Dr. Tillou to lead our practice since we opened our doors back 1948. Brett has worked hard to become a trusted veterinarian in the Hamburg NY community.  He demonstrates this with his willingness to go the extra mile to make your visits as pleasant as they can be despite the circumstances.

A little over a year ago Dr. Tillou became involved with the Clinic Memorial Program at his alma mater, Cornell University.  This program accepts small donations and in return will send out personalized sympathy cards to grieving pet owners. This allows Dr. Tillou to console his clients while also supporting the Baker Institute for Animal Health and the Feline Health Center clinics at Cornell.

Since he began working with this program, Dr. Tillou has been overwhelmed by how much this small gesture has meant to his clients.  He mentions how he regularly receives letters of appreciation back from families thanking him for his thoughtfulness. Some of his clients have even been so moved as to make a donation themselves to help support these wonderful animals clinics at Cornell.

Nobody ever wants to experience the loss of pet.  When it does happen though, it’s good know you have people around you that care.  Being great at what you do in the veterinary industry is more than just technical ability. It’s really because of the relationships you forge with families and their pets.  If you have any questions regarding the health of your pet, just call Dr. Brett Tillou at the Tillou Veterinary Hospital today.

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