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Doggy Dental Care

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Some pet owners don’t understand the importance of canine dental hygiene.  Believe it or not but you should actually be brushing or treating your dog’s teeth daily.  Bacteria in your dog’s mouth is a serious issue and can spread to rest of the body if untreated.

It’s important that you take care of your dog’s oral health but you should also be making regular visits to a canine dentist as well. At Tillou Veterinary Hospital, our dental services cover both preventative and corrective dentistry.  Here’s a few tips we recommend about how to care for your dog’s teeth to help avoid any serious issues down the road.

Dental Chew Toys

Your dog probably doesn’t know how to handle a toothbrush but he can help clean his teeth by playing with chew toys.  Rubber or nylon chew toys with a bumpy surface have been shown to help scrape away dirt, plaque and bacteria. There are some natural choices as well that can have the same cleaning effect such as rawhide or a soft bone.

Canine Toothbrush

If you didn’t know it, they do make a toothbrush specifically designed dogs, although a normal toothbrush will work well also.  Pick whichever type your dog prefers but be sure you don’t use regular toothpaste! Canine toothpaste removes the harmful ingredients from human toothpaste and usually comes in flavors that your dog will enjoy, like chicken or seafood.

Dental Wipes

Even if you’re short on time or if your dog isn’t cooperating, you should still try to wipe their teeth and gums once a day.  You can pick up canine dental wipes designed just for this purpose but a piece of folded gauze is also adequate. What’s most important is that you’re doing something to remove harmful bacteria and being proactive about your dog’s dental care.

Is Your Dog Struggling with a Dental Problem?

If you’re worried about your dog’s teeth because you’ve been a little lax about canine dental care, don’t panic.  It is rare for dogs to show signs of dental discomfort but you can always get him checked out with a canine dentist.  If it’s been a while since your last check up it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment. If you’re located in and around Hamburg NY, don’t hesitate to stop by the Tillou Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Tillou understands the importance of canine dental care in Buffalo.  Our doggy dental services are just one of the ways that helps Tillou Veterinary Hospital stand out as an all-in-one vet clinic.  If you’re looking for a canine dentist in the Buffalo NY area, look no further. Feel free to give us a call and make an appointment today!

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