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Dr. Tillou, Your Hamburg Vet

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Choosing the right vet for your pets can be hard.  A lot of people make their choice based on convenience and only look for the closest veterinary clinic they can find.  At Tillou Veterinary Hospital, we believe your vet should be someone that you and your pets can trust. We want to let you know that we’re more than just the Hamburg Vet closest to your house.  Making your pets feel at home is as much our mission as making sure they stay healthy.

Did you know the Tillou Veterinary Hospital has been serving as a Hamburg vet for over 70 years?  Our experience spanning three generations of the Tillou family has allowed us to connect to the community in and around Hamburg NY.  Though quality pet care is our goal, we still try to forge lasting meaningful relationships with our clients and their pets.

Hamburg Vet

Since we opened our doors back in 1948 there’s been a lot of medical breakthroughs in the veterinary industry.  Since then, we’ve outfitted our facility with all sorts of new technology to help diagnose and treat just about any ailment your pet may have.  We like to consider the Tillou Veterinary Hospital a one stop veterinary clinic in Hamburg NY. Here’s a brief list of some of our the services we provide:

Preventative Care

You shouldn’t only be going to your vet for emergencies.  Preventing future problems with routine checkups and vaccinations is the best way to keep your pet happy and healthy.


We realize that a pet needing surgery can be stressful.  Dr. Tillou and our staff will do everything in our power to help you and your pets relax during this unfortunate time.  We perform hundreds of procedures each year on different kinds of pets, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Diagnostic Testing

The Tillou Veterinary Hospital has its own in-house diagnostic lab.  This means we’ll be able to run tests at our facility and get you answers that day.  This beats having to wait on results from an outsourced lab that could take days or even a week to respond.

Dental Care

This area is commonly overlooked but pets need dental care as well.  As with preventative care, regular appointments and cleanings are the way to go.  You don’t want to wait until something goes wrong before you take action; especially with something as important as your pet’s teeth.

Digital Radiology

On occasion your pets may need x-rays or body scans to help figure out what’s wrong.  Rather than having you drive to a different facility for scans, you can get everything done right here at your Hamburg NY veterinary clinic.

On Site Pharmacy

When you or your pets need medicine it’s never fun to get a prescription and then have to drive all over town to find a pharmacy.  Tillou Veterinary Hospital eliminates that step with our in-house pharmacy.

As you can see, Tillou Veterinary Hospital is more than just a Hamburg Vet.  We provide a range of services that make us a true one stop shop Hamburg NY veterinary clinic.  If your pet needs anything from routine checkups to emergency medical care, you should look to Dr. Tillou, your Hamburg NY Veterinarian.

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